ADU Construction — Dwelling Types And Building Plans

Accessory dwelling units (ADUs) provide habitable living space on single-family lots. Learn about the different types of ADUs that can be constructed. Then, find out what steps will need to be conducted if you would like to be supplied with additional living space on your property.

Accessory Dwelling Units

ADUs include modified spaces that are attached to an existing house or garage. They also include detached structures that are adjacent to a home. An ADU is designed to serve the purpose of a primary residence for anyone who occupies it. An ADU will contain a sink, running water, a restroom, and a space to relax and sleep.

An ADU is typically much smaller than the average size of a home. In spite of the smaller size, an ADU is constructed to be fully functional and to serve the same purposes as a larger home.

Zoning And Permits

Zoning and permit laws apply to the construction of ADUs. Each jurisdiction across the United States will have a distinct set of rules and regulations that must be followed. Some areas may not be permitted to have ADUs built on certain tracts of land. Other areas may be eligible for a wide range of ADU construction types.

A contractor who specializes in ADU planning and construction can advise you on your rights. They will outline all of the ADU requirements, including what the zoning and permit processes will entail.

The Plans

The contractor you hire will help you prepare building plans that will meet up to your expectations. Your reasoning for deciding to have an ADU structure built will be the main point of focus.

The manner in which the newly-constructed ADU will be used needs to be outlined. An ADU is a permanent upgrade. It can greatly increase the value of your property, plus make your living situation more accommodating than it already is.

Things To Consider

Once you have the appropriate permissions to begin new construction, your contractor will outline the timeframe in which the upgrade will be complete. If an ADU addition or renovation will be performed in your home, you may need to make some modifications during the construction process. This includes barricading areas that will be out of bounds for you and any other occupants of your household.

If the ADU construction will take place next to your home, excavation equipment and other machinery may restrict you and your loved ones from using certain parts of the property while the project is underway. 

For more info about ADU floor plans, contact a local company.