There Are Three Main Steps To Well Drilling On A Property

Water may seem like an abundant thing, but being able to access clean water from a reservoir or underground source requires special resources and access. For anyone living in an area where water is less accessible, drilling for a well is probably what will have to happen if you plan to build on a property. Drilling for water and having a well built may seem straightforward, but there are a few important elements to the process that are good to know.

Getting the Rights to Use Water

While the rules for access to underground water are different in different states, most places require that anyone outside of the city limits has to have a water right in order to drill a well. Water rights are generally purchased through real estate agents. The process for buying a water right isn't that different from buying a piece of land. There are contractual agreements, and you have to buy the correct water right for the kind of property you have and how much water you want to use. A real estate agent can help you find the right water right for your specific needs.

Apply for a Well Permit

Drilling for a well may not require special permissions in some areas, but most lots that are near or around a city will require a permit for building a well. Getting the proper permit isn't difficult. It usually just requires the filling out of some paperwork and paying a fee for the permit. The price of the permit may depend on city and state law. You can usually plan ahead and find prices online on a city's website. You may be able to fill out paperwork and pay for your permit online.

Hire a Well Contractor

As with many other construction projects, you will need to hire a well contractor to work on your project. A contractor who specializes in drill building will help you locate the right area of your land to start building the well. If you are going to be building a home, then the well contractor and general contractor for your home will need to coordinate on where to build the well. In order to get the best possible deal, it's not a bad idea to interview a few different well contractors and get multiple estimates on cost. Ultimately, a well can be built as quickly as a day. In most cases, it will be done in under a week.

As long as you follow these steps, the process of building a well should go smoothly. Talking with a local real estate agent about water rights, getting a permit, and working with a contractor will ensure that your well gets built without any major issues.

For more information, contact a well drilling company near you.