The Addition Of A Masonry Fireplace

The installation of a masonry fireplace will provide you with a cost-efficient way to keep your home heated each winter. Review the stages associated with having a fireplace added to your living room or another central location within your home.

The Fireplace Components

A masonry fireplace is constructed of bricks, stone, or cement. The masonry materials comprise the firebox and chimney. A wooden mantelpiece and metal ventilation materials can be integrated into the design of a masonry fireplace.

A contractor can equip a masonry fireplace with an air circulation system. This type of system contains a fan pump that will circulate heated air throughout a home. If a masonry fireplace will not be equipped with an air circulation system, a contractor can design a slightly tilted firebox. This type of design will deter hot air from escaping through the chimney. 

The Inspection

Masonry materials that are used to construct a fireplace are heavy. Your contractor will need to inspect the flooring and walls in your home. This will help them determine if the floor joists and other structural materials will be strong enough to support the weight of the masonry materials that will be used for the project.

A contractor will also point out some areas within your home where a fireplace can be installed. If any structural problems will prevent the installation of a fireplace, a contractor will outline the modifications that will be needed.

The Materials

Decide what shape, size, and color you would like the new masonry fireplace to be. Choose hearth and chimney materials that will coincide with the design of your home's interior and exterior. All of the structural components that make up the fireplace will need to meet local codes. A contractor will draw up plans, plus determine how many mortar materials will be needed to construct each part of the fireplace.

The Accessories

Your new fireplace can be equipped with an ash box. An ash box is an opening that is cut into the floor of the hearth. This opening can be used to store ash that remains after a fire has burned. An ash box will prevent ashes from filtering out into other parts of your home. If you choose this type of addition, you may have an easier time keeping the fireplace maintained.

A screen is an accessory that your contractor will secure to the front of your new fireplace. A screen will keep flames safely contained within the hearth. For more information, visit a site like