A Look At Hardscape Installation On Your Property

Your yard needs more than just pretty plants and lush grass. Hardscapes are also important. Some are for functional reasons, such as providing a walking area so your grass is spared damage. Others are for managing soil on hills, providing entertainment space, or just adding an eye-catching element to your yard.

Hardscapes are made with pavers, stones, or concrete. Working with these materials can be difficult, so you may want to hire a hardscape installation company. Here's an overview of how hardscape installation works.

Lay Out The Plan

The first step is to choose the elements you want in your yard so you and the installer can create a plan that makes the hardscapes fit perfectly into your yard and surroundings. This entails drawing a design so you can visualize how your yard will look afterward.

Choose The Materials

You have a lot of choices with hardscapes. You may want them all to be made from the same pavers or you might want to mix concrete with flagstones. You should look the materials over in person so you know what the stones or pavers will look like. You may also want to check out stamped concrete since there are many colors and stamps that can be used to create a custom design for your hardscapes.

Mark Off The Hardscape Areas

One of the first steps in hardscape installation is to create a form or mark off the area in another way so the shape can be followed when installing concrete or pavers. This also allows you to get a final look at the placement and size of the hardscape installation so you can make changes if needed.

Install The Hardscape Elements

Pavers and concrete are installed in different ways, but the installation crew can handle whatever you need to be done. Depending on the amount of work needed, it could take several days to complete the job. Once the walkway, retaining wall, patio, or fire pit is installed, you may want to add landscaping plants around the borders to make the stone or concrete element even more attractive.

If you know how you want your property to look, a hardscape installation service can bring your ideas to life. If you're not sure what you want, the installers can make recommendations based on your budget to give your yard an upgrade while making your yard more functional too. The company can install just about anything you need from a retaining wall to prevent soil erosion to a luxury outdoor seating area with a fire pit or fireplace.