Features And Qualities To Consider When Choosing A Dump Trailer

Having a dump trailer can make your life so much easier. You can put all of your yard waste into the dump trailer and easily haul it off to a composting site. You can use the dump trailer to hold gravel that you spread on your driveway and or patio. But before you start using your dump trailer, you have to actually go and buy one. That means selecting one of the many dump trailers on the market to actually purchase. So, what features and qualities do you focus on when comparing your options? Take a look.


You want a dump trailer that is large enough to hold a substantial load, but not one that's so large you'll struggle to pull it or find a place to keep it. Many people find that a 7x14 dump trailer is about the right size for them. This is an ample size to hold a few yards of mulch, or an average load of gravel. However, it is not so big that you need a whole driveway to store it in, or it will be a struggle to pull it around with an average truck.


Look at the listed weight of the trailer, and compare that to the weight capacity of the vehicle you will use to haul it. You want a dump trailer that is well below your truck's towing capacity so that you have lots of room to add items to the trailer. For instance, if your truck has a towing capacity of 5,000 pounds, and you buy a dump trailer that weighs 1,000 pounds, that means you can add 4,000 pounds of cargo to the trailer. By comparison, if you were to buy a 2,000-pound trailer, then you could only haul 3,000 pounds worth of goods on that trailer.


There are steel dump trailers with wood floors. Then, there are all-aluminum dump trailers. There are also dump trailers made from 100 percent steel. Each material has its advantages. Aluminum is light, but not as durable. Steel is really durable, but heavy. A combination of steel and wood is reasonably durable and not that heavy, but you'll eventually need to replace the wood floor. Consider these ups and downs and pick the material that best suits your needs.

When choosing a dump trailer, make sure you keep the considerations above at the forefront. Talk to a trailer sales professional to learn more.