Why Asphalt Paving May Be The Best Option For Your Driveway Or Parking Area

Driveways and parking lots are made from many different materials, but asphalt paving is one of the most popular options and is a good fit in many situations. Asphalt has some benefits that outweigh other materials, and the life span of the material is good if it is properly maintained.

Paving And Construction

Working with asphalt paving to create a new driveway or parking lot is pretty straightforward, and there are services that can come and complete the job for you. The ground may need leveling and preparation before the asphalt goes down. A contractor can get the grade set, put drainage in place, and lay the subgrade material down ahead of the asphalt paving contractor so the site is ready when the pavers arrive.

Some large paving companies offer these services and can prepare the area in addition to paving it. However, you need to discuss that option with the company and go over the project requirements to ensure they can take on the entire construction and paving of your parking area or driveway.

The construction phase can add a significant amount of time and cost to the project, so it is critical that you plan for that and are ready to negotiate the pricing with the company you are considering for the job.

Asphalt Durability

One reason to use asphalt paving for a parking area or driveway is the material's durability. Asphalt is not a solid material like concrete, but when properly installed, it can be as durable. The asphalt is laid down as a granular material and then compacted together to form a solid surface that can flex and move with the ground under it. 

The surface of the asphalt paving material can crack with time, but the cracks can be filled, and a surface sealer can cover the repairs to help extend the life of the parking lot or driveway. If the asphalt needs significant repairs, the top of the material can be removed using a grinder and a new surface laid over the existing pavement to recondition the material without having to rip the entire lot up and start again. 

Asphalt paving services often repair and seal commercial parking lots every year, and when the asphalt needs replacing, they can plan it in sections to make the job easier and less expensive for the client. The life span of asphalt paving can be extended if you keep the surface clean and clean up chemicals like gasoline, oil, and other fluids that may leak from vehicles right away.

A parking lot sweeping service can help keep the gritty materials like sand and dirt off the surface, reducing damage and making the lot look great. 

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