Beyond Resealing: Other Deck Repairs You May Need To Make

Decks require maintenance. The primary maintenance that most people are aware of is resealing the deck surface. This maintenance is certainly important as it helps reduce rot and water damage over the years. However, resealing is not the only maintenance or repair that your deck may need. Here are some other common repairs you might discover you need over the years.

Securing Loose Boards

Sometimes the ends of the boards start to come loose from the deck. This is most likely to happen with deck boards that people stand on one side of a lot. The downward pressure on one side of the board creates upward pressure on the other side of the board, which eventually causes the nails or screws holding the board in place to pop off. This is a pretty simple issue to fix. You can have a deck repair company come nail the boards back down. Often, they will remove the existing nails or screws and put new ones in a slightly different location to make these attachments more secure.

Replacing Damaged Boards

You may also find yourself needing to replace some of the boards on your deck floor from time to time. If the boards start to rot, or if they crack, replacing them is often the smartest move. You or your deck repair company can simply pull up the old board and put a new one in its place. The best time to do this is when you're already resealing or refinishing the deck. This way, you can seal or finish the new board at the same time you do the rest of the deck, which minimizes the necessary work and creates a more uniform look.

Securing Railings

Most decks have some sort of railings. Yours may only have railings up the stairs, or it may have railings all around it — depending on how high the deck is. If these railings become loose, then they will need to be secured. Sometimes, this means the existing nails need to be removed and new ones put in their place. Other times, your deck repair company may need to use some blocking to attach the railings more securely. This is often necessary if your railings have begun to rot on the base.

If you keep an eye on your deck and make repairs as needed, the deck will last much longer. None of these repairs are that extensive, and most deck repair companies can do them.