How You Can Live Clean Without Being Boring

Often when people think about going green and being as environmentally friendly as possible they immediately assume this will be at the expense of fun and things they enjoy. Being good always has a connotation of also being boring, especially when it comes to environmental matters. However, that does not have to be the case. Modern eco-friendly home builders are well aware of this stigma and actively work to counteract it by building interesting living spaces for you and your family to enjoy for many decades, all the while knowing you won't be causing a bigger footprint on the environment than you need to. 

Modern Designs

In the past, people used to think of eco-friendly homes as being something more reminiscent of a barn or rustic old building that was used from recycled timber or old bricks, but that is certainly not the case anymore. There is a whole raft of sustainable materials that can be crafted into very modern designs, containing all the elements you might find in a house ten times the price. Sharp edges, interesting shapes, eye-catching feature windows, and so much more are all part and parcel of most eco-friendly home builders' repertoires these days, although if something more low-key is your preference, then that is more than possible as well. 

No More Sacrificing Comfort

Eco-friendly builders know that no one is going to want to swap to their designs if it means you are going to get an inferior product. That is why, using a mixture of energy-efficient appliances and a strong presence of solar and batteries, you can be just as warm in winter and cool in summer in an eco-friendly house as you could in a normal one. Better yet, it will cost you a lot less in ongoing payments because your energy bills will be drastically reduced. 

Integrated Designs

Many of the key features that make your home so eco-friendly will not even be that obvious to you even after you have lived there for many years. From double or triple glazed windows that lock in much more heat to clever building orientation to make maximum usage of your daylight hours, even things like a toilet that uses less water or your greywater being recycled onto your garden will all be major improvements on a traditional home's design and you will hardly feel a difference. These integrated designs are the key to transforming an ordinary home into an eco-friendly one without putting many people off. 

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