Why You May Prefer Concrete Lifting Over Slab Replacement

Instead of pouring new concrete, you may be able to repair a damaged slab by lifting it. Here are a few reasons why you may prefer concrete lifting over slab replacement.

Lower Cost

You will usually pay quite a bit less for concrete leveling or lifting. The cost will still depend on the nature of the damage and the size of the slab. However, it is typically not comparable to that of removing a slab and replacing it with fresh concrete. In fact, if you decide to lift the concrete, you may spend only a fraction of the cost of replacement.  


If you choose to replace a slab, the new slab may look great. However, it may not fit well with the surrounding concrete, which is older and more weathered. Additionally, it is sometimes difficult to match the texture and color of the fresh concrete to that of the existing slabs that were not replaced. The resulting mismatched look may appear unattractive.

With the lifting of the concrete, the slab surface remains practically the same. During the process, a few small holes are drilled into the slab, and the material used to lift the structure is pumped into the holes and then sealed.

Faster Repair

The removal of a slab and its replacement can be time-consuming. The existing concrete must be broken up and hauled away. Loose pieces of concrete debris that may remain after the slab is broken up cannot be used as filling material for the new concrete that will be poured.

Additionally, before the new concrete can be added, a base of gravel must be applied, compacted, and leveled. Next, you need to add boards to act as a form or mold for the poured concrete. In addition, you should drive stakes into the ground and connect them to the form boards using screws or nails. Each side of the form should also be lubricated to prevent the fresh concrete from sticking to it.

Once the slab is poured, a float made of wood or metal should be passed over the surface to smooth the finish. Still, the finish may not match that of older concrete that may be nearby.

The curing process of the concrete may take about a week, and the material may require daily misting for proper curation. The slab is unusable until the recommended drying time is complete. Thus, there's a significant amount of time involved in the installation of a new slab. With concrete lifting, the task is usually complete and usable within a couple of hours.

If you need concrete lifting services, schedule a consultation with a concrete contractor in your local area.