3 Things A Construction Quality-Control Manager Will Handle

If you are bidding on a government construction project, you will need to have a quality control manager as part of your staff to meet government requirements. A construction quality control manager is more than just a fancy title; they help to ensure that your project runs smoothly.

#1: Last-Minute Changes

In the construction business, last-minute changes are hard to avoid. Sometimes, a product has to be switched out at the last minute. When you make a last-minute change, the quality control manager will step in and review the quality of the product that is being brought in for the project to ensure that it meets all of the standards that the previous product meets so that there are not any issues with the final product.

If a design has to be changed, the quality manager will review the design. They will establish set deadlines for altering designs to ensure that all the proper parties review all last-minute design changes to ensure that they are safe changes that don't compromise the project.

#2: Handle Team Communication

The quality control manager acts as a liaison between the various teams that are working on a project. They can work with all the different teams to ensure that there is no mismatch of techniques or materials throughout the building project and ensure that all the proper testing is done throughout the project to ensure that no mistakes are made. A quality control manager will help ensure that everyone communicates with one another and that they are the team everyone turns to in regard to testing and material control concerns, questions, and decisions.

#3: Review All Audits and Tests

Testing and material audits are essential in the building process. However, they don't achieve a lot if that information is not reviewed. The quality control manager will review all audits and testing that occur on the site. If issues are brought up in reports, they will then ensure that the issues are fixed. Testing doesn't do much good if the results of the test are not acted upon; a quality control manager will assure that they are.

If you have won a bid on a government construction contract, you will need to employ a quality control manager as part of the contract. You are going to want to hire and bring in an experienced quality control manager. They will help ensure that everything done meets high building standards, improves communication between teams, and provides all tests are acted upon. They will help you achieve a high-quality end product, which will increase your chances of winning future government contracts.