3 Reasons For Fire Extinguisher Service

Fire extinguishers can protect your property from damage caused by a fire hazard. Likewise, they can prevent injuries and save lives. In the US industries, commercial enterprises and residential properties must have fire extinguishers within the premises. Fire extinguishers are vital equipment. As such, it's essential to have them serviced by licensed personnel. 

Here are the four reasons for fire extinguisher service.

1. Ensure Efficiency 

A fire extinguisher service involves regular inspection to rule out damage, blocked hoses and ensure the safety seal is not broken. Typically, some issues are not easy to identify by simply looking, and insects or small objects might get inside the hose and impair its functionality. Additionally, the hose has O-rings that can deteriorate and affect the efficiency of the fire extinguisher. Further, there may be delicate leaks that are not easy to detect and can damage the equipment if not repaired soon. Finally, fire extinguishers are made from steel or aluminum, which is prone to corrosion. With time, the coating can peel and expose the cylinder to rust. Still, internal corrosion is not detectable, and this can affect the quality of the extinguisher. Professionals conduct a thorough inspection of the equipment during regular maintenance.

2. Prolong The Life Of The Extinguisher

Like all equipment, extinguishers have a lifespan. However, failure to service them can speed up wear and tear. Even if yours is a residential one, it can also experience some deterioration, such as fading and illegible labels. The labels are vital since they have user instructions that are helpful to anyone in case of a fire incident. Service personnel will need this information during maintenance. A professional will also check if the user instructions are visible and legible.

3. Recharge The Equipment

If you have used the fire extinguisher to put off even a small amount of fire, it must be recharged without any delay. Recharging is refilling with the firefighting chemical, and this should be done by a professional. At times, it may involve completely emptying the extinguisher and then refilling. Additionally, the air insider is pressurized for effective operation during a fire incident.

Fire extinguishers are a long-term investment, and therefore, replacements are far between. Therefore, you need regular maintenance to keep them in excellent condition and guarantee a more extended life. If you suspect any tampering or damage, contact a fire extinguisher service company for inspection and maintenance. They can provide more assistance regarding fire extinguishers.