Top Signs You Need Residential Septic Tank Pumping

If you have a septic tank in your home, you will need to pump it at some point. In fact, the more you delay septic tank pumping, the higher your chances are that you will end up with a messy septic system that requires a lot of time and money to clean up.

Hence, you need to know the signs to look out for when your tank has a potential problem so you can have it checked before the worst happens. Here are the top signs you need residential septic tank pumping. 

Slow Drains

Your septic tank is connected to all the drains in your home. If the tank is overfull, your sink or tub may start to drain slower than usual. Your toilet may also flush slower. Apart from being irritating, slow drains can hinder your ability to perform your daily household routines. 

Septic tank pumping helps to flush out all the unsafe materials that may be obstructing your sewage lines. Eventually, your drains will go back to their normal flow. 

Foul Odor

Strange odors may come from outside or inside your septic tank. Typically, when a septic tank overfills, the excess wastewater flows into your yard, forming pools around the tank. These pools may be the cause of the unpleasant smell. 

If the smell is coming from inside your drains, chances are the sewage is almost exiting through the drain. But this can also be caused by other problems, such as clogs in the drain. Therefore, the best thing to do is call a septic system expert to determine whether you need septic tank pumping

Regular Gurgling Noises

If your kitchen sink or toilet is producing strange gurgling sounds, there are several possible scenarios. There could be blockages or sewage backup issues in the drain. Or the septic tank may be overfilled and struggling to hold more wastewater. 

A septic system professional can diagnose the issue and recommend the best cause of action. 

Greener Grass

All the grass in your lawn is supposed to have the same color. If the grass surrounding the septic tank becomes greener than the rest, there is a problem somewhere. In most cases, the overflowing wastewater from the septic tank is feeding the grass, causing it to grow greener. You might even notice pools of wastewater around the area. After septic tank pumping, your lawn will gradually go back to having a uniform color.