Choosing Siding Materials For Your Home Renovations With Changesto Exterior Finishes

When you are doing major renovations, there are a lot of reasons why you may want to use siding materials for the finishes. For instance, you may want to cover damaged materials like masonry and concrete or give your home a more custom design. The following siding materials are some of the options you may want to consider to make changes to your home's exterior:

Unconventional Siding Veneers

The siding materials that you have installed don't have to look like conventional siding. Today, there are several options for veneers that can be installed to change the look of your home's exterior. Some siding veneer options include log, timber, and artificial masonry finishes. These affordable solutions can give the exterior of your home the look of custom finishes that are often expensive.

Craftsman-Style Siding Products

Another option for siding is craftsman-style materials. There are various styles of materials that can be combined to create the craftsman design for your home. These can include shakes and board-and-batten designs, which can be conventional wood, fiber cement, or vinyl siding systems. The craftsman-style designs will also include custom trim and moldings that can be used to give your exterior a more personalized design.

Conventional Lap-Siding Materials

You also have a lot of options if you want to install more conventional lap-siding finishes. If you choose to use lap siding materials to update the exterior of your home, options include metal and vinyl. These materials can give your home a durable and affordable solution. Lap-siding can also be a great material choice if you are doing the siding installation yourself. As an alternative, vinyl siding can be a great choice if you are looking for an easy and affordable solution.

Panels and Contemporary Siding Materials

More contemporary siding finishes can be installed on your home as well. Such choices for contemporary siding include architectural metal finishes with a custom design. Talk to your siding materials service about different options to give your home a more contemporary look when renovating the exterior. The panels can be combined with various finishes to create a custom contemporary completed design for your project.

New siding materials are a great way to change the look of your exterior and cover damaged finishes that are difficult to repair. Contact a siding materials service to order the materials you need to renovate your exterior. They can provide more information regarding your siding material options.