Amish Pole Barn Construction Options To Get The Most Out Of Your Investment

Adding a pole barn to your property can be a great investment. It can provide you with space for a garage, storage workspace, and more. Therefore, you want to make sure you have all the right features when you invest in a new barn. The following information will help you with the planning of an Amish pole barn construction project:

Setting Up Posts for the Barn

The posts are the first component of your burn that needs to be installed. These are the poles in a pole barn that are the main support of the structure. The poles are set in holes and cemented in place to support the structure. At this point, you should have cleared the size of the barn footprint you want and where features like large doors are going to be placed.

Choosing the Doors and Windows

After the posts have been set, the wood framing of the pole barn can begin. This process involves installing purlins to attach the exterior finishes. You will also want to start laying out the location of windows and doors. This should start with the main door to the barn and include other windows and smaller entrance doors that you may want to add to the design.

Adding the Gravel or Foundation of the Barn

The gravel is an important part of your pole barn. It provides drainage for the interior and prevents problems with settling soils. If you want a more solid surface for areas inside the barn, a concrete slab floor can be installed. This can give you more options to add features to the interior of the barn when it is completed.

Completing Roof Framing and Exterior Finishes

The roof framing is another important feature that your pole barn needs. There are several options for the design of the roof framing. The frame of the barn is also going to need to be finished. This is usually a wood lap siding finish for a traditional Amish pole barn, but there are other choices. You can finish your barn with metal or other modern materials if you want it to have a more durable exterior.

Extra Barn Features That Are Needed After Construction

There may be other installations that you need to take care of yourself. These can include things like adding electricity and mechanical systems to the design. There may also be features like finished spaces that you want to plan to do after construction. These are the things you will need to plan to do after the barn has been built.

The construction process for your pole barn will give you an opportunity to choose the features for your project. Contact an Amish barn construction service to start planning your project with the features you need.