Should You Have Exterior Waterproofing Done On Your Home?

Exterior waterproofing is the act of waterproofing your home from the outside in, which can be beneficial to you in many ways. Whether you want to waterproof the outside of your home because you have concerns about your property or you have other reasons for wanting to do this type of thing, waterproofing your home is a good thing.

Should you have exterior waterproofing done on your home? Here are some things to consider to see if waterproofing the outside of your home is right for you.

You have a basement

If you have a basement, exterior waterproofing is an ideal thing. Basements prone to flooding can benefit from this type of work, which will help protect the space against further flooding. When you have exterior waterproofing done, both the interior and exterior walls of the home — and sometimes the floors as well — are treated to make your home less prone to water damage.

You have had flooding before

Have you had a flood in your home before? If so, then waterproofing your home's exterior can help prevent any flooding in the future. You want your home's foundation to be protected against mold, wood rot and swelling, crumbling drywall, and peeling paint, which is what water damage to the home can cause. When you do your part to perform quality exterior waterproofing, you make your home more protected against future costly water damage.

You have home value concerns

Are you concerned about the value of your home overall? If you are, then consider having exterior waterproofing done. Not only does exterior waterproofing of your home help to protect your property against future damage, but the upgrade to your property can actually help boost the value of your home as well. The value of your home can also be boosted should you choose to resell your home in the future and want to showcase the features of the property.

You have the funds

Doing exterior waterproofing for a basement costs around $4 to $8 per square foot to complete. There are many methods of exterior waterproofing to consider so costs can vary, although an average price for the home improvement project is around $8,000. If you have the funds to have this type of project done on your home, then you can invest in your property in this fashion. Get a quote for services from your local exterior waterproofing specialist so you can budget accordingly for the service.

For more information on exterior waterproofing, reach out to a local contractor.